Awakened 2020

Xitlali’s Awakened is aimed to raise awareness and help educate on the importance of balance in our lives. This creative and expressive performance of entertainers will keep us in harmony with each other and raise awareness on the philosophy and prophecy of the feminine energy on the rise.

Innovating Dance Classes

Dancing is a way to stay in shape and feel great! Xitlali’s bellydance fusion classes promote a social outlet for women to connect with others and create a support system during these quarantine times.

Private Online Classes

If group classes are not your thing. You can also sign up for private online classes. Dancing is a way to stay in shape and feel great! Even when it’s in the comfort of your own home.

About Xitlali

Xitlali’s essence, a cultural fusion born from tribal beats, middle eastern dance, and indigenous central American-inspired costumes, is made apparent through her many creative artistic outlets. This interdisciplinary artist captures any audience with her talent-filled performance and sensual presence. She’s an international performer who’s multicultural experience elevates her to a phenomenal level. Xitlali has presented her work in various states in the United States as well as Mexico and the Middle East. Her original shows, “Esencia Artesanal and Awakened” are must see events with a biographical message of inspiration and empowerment for every audience.

Inspiring, Uniting and Empowering through Dance

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