Xitlali Baila

Acclaimed dance artist, Xitlali, known for her diverse cultural dance performances, brings grace and empowerment to the stage. Her strong yet graceful performances will leave your audience wanting more. Xitlali strives for purity and meaning behind all her performances.

Innovative dance artist, Designer and community influencer Xitlali was born to captivate and grace audiences everywhere with her creative and unique talents. At an early age her passion to learn cultural dances was evident when she enrolled in her first dance class to learn Mexican folklore from Jalisco.

Xitlali’s upbringing was not easy, growing up in a dysfunctional family evidently dimmed her artistic light, struggling to find herself in her later years from childhood chains was apparent. While in college Xitlali believed she could give dance one more chance and took up modern dance, this empowered her to believe in herself and think it was not too late for her to become what she might have been. Learning cultural dances empowered her realizing this is a way of unity when we dance there are no barriers, we unite. This is now part of her movement to empower others through dance and sharing this wellness with others creating a supporting ambiance in the classroom and representing this cause out in the community. Xitlali is a leader of unity and positive movement, defeating adversities to be your unique self in a world that tries to change your authenticity.

In the pursuing of her dance career Xitlali has traveled to various countries to learn dance and their cultures. Some of her many achievements in dance include creating two purposeful events (Esencia Artesanal and Awakened) speaking and performing at the Denver Mayors House for youth empowerment events and being the highlight performer for many cultural events.

Xitlali has evolved from creating dance wear to becoming a full-on fashion designer for Xitlali Designs and through her artistic endeavors she has manifested events to promote help for humanitarian causes and social justice. Founder of Esencia Artesanal, a fund raising event for indigenous people in Chiapas, Mexico, devastated by the earthquake of 2017, and Awakened, a women’s empowerment event, Xitlali’s mission is to unite community leaders of diverse backgrounds and genres to break down barriers and empower others through music, dance, poetry, and motivational speeches.

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