About Xitlali Baila

Dance artist, fashion designer and founder of the Awakened movement, Xitlali, known for her diverse cultural fusion dance performances brings grace and empowerment to your community through Xibaila dance healing workshops.

Xibaila empowers women by focusing on the importance of wellbeing that starts and transcends from within, demonstrating it is possible through intentional dance movements to connect with your body, being and over all essence. These strong yet graceful dance choreographies are performed at the Awakened events leaving audiences exhilarated. Xibaila strives for purpose and meaning behind all presentations.

Innovative dance artist, fashion designer and community influencer Xitlali was born to captivate and grace audiences everywhere while bringing people together through the arts. Her passion to unite multi-cultural performers in her productions comes from the inspiration she receives from her ever expanding music taste and influence of various music genres.

Even though Xitlali’s upbringing was not easy she found her strength and motivation coming within, training to Tai Chi and yoga helped her tap into her Chi vital energy, transmuting all non serving energy to positivity through her many creative outlets. Learning diverse cultural dances and returning back to her Mexican roots awakened her to realize that through the power of artistic expression there are no social or cultural barriers.

She is now dedicated to sharing this healing wisdom through her production Awakened, an all-inclusion multidisciplinary movement set to empower everyone through dance and creative expression, sharing this medicine of unity and inspiration for the people, representing a positive message of balance and harmony out in the communities.

Click here to bring Xibaila dance healing circles to your community and to participate and support the Awakened movement.
To learn more about Xitlalis work through her sustainable hemp fashion line “Esencia Mexico” visit her shop at Xitlalidesigns.com