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Xitlali, International Performer and Fashion Designer hosts:

Awakened 2020

A Dance/Song/Music/Spoken Word Empowerment Event

AWAKENED Founder Xitlali, Dancer/Designer announces“AWAKENED 2020” featuring dance, music, poetry and inspirational speeches, set to empower us all. Our creative focus is through the style and grace of the feminine energy through dance and song. A celebration of life through the philosophy and movement of women, with the support of man, for our youth and future generations.

Awakened is aimed to raise awareness and help educate on the importance of balance in our lives. This creative and expressive performance of entertainers will keep us in harmony with each other and raise awareness on the philosophy and prophecy of the feminine energy on the rise. Join us and help us usher in this positive balance and creative expression of life.

Speakers and spoken word/poetry artist will educate us on the social barriers women face in todays society, and share empowering stories and social justice movement grand ideas on what is to come for our Colorado community and abroad. Something beautiful this way comes.

Founder, dance performer and fashion designer, Xitlali will perform as well showcase her students performances along with live music Performances & empowerment speeches.

Resources and Network will be available before the show for education, community outreach, art, self care and fashion.

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Hourly Schedule

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Social Networking
Get to know each other and meet the performers.
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Awakened 2020
Dance/Song/Music/SpokenWord Empowerment Event


Jul 26 2020


5:00 pm




Cleo Parker Robinson Theater
119 Park Avenue West, Denver, CO 80205