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Xibaila Dance Workshops

Xibaila Dance Workshop

Xibaila is a movement that stems from the Awakened.

Uniting, Inspiring and Empowering through dance healing moves inspired by diverse cultural dances. Bringing women together, utilizing dance as a tool for restoration and balance in our lives.

Tapping into our Chi vital energy flow that starts from within while creating a social outlet for women to connect through Xibaila dance healing circles. Moving to fun yet meaningful dance choreographies that are taken and taught in diverse communities with the intention of showing unity and solidarity with those who learn them.

There is meaning and purpose in every Xibaila move aligning to our chi energy and honoring mother earth and father sky, feeling rooted and connected. Representing balance and harmony in every movement while gracefully moving through that which no longer serves us.

Xibaila is a fusion of cultural dances, creating fun yet meaningful choreographies to be shared with women in diverse communities. Integrating healing movements like Tai Chi and Yoga while tapping into our Chi Vital energy source.


Empowering and inspiring women by creating consciousness on the importance of wellbeing that starts and transcends from within, demonstrating it is possible through dance and healing movement to connect with your body, being and over all essence. 


To evolve in a collective and sustainable manner and represent an active social movement through dance that inspires and empowers all.


✓ Love
✓ Wellbeing
✓ Fellowship
✓ Solidarity
✓ Commitment


Sep 25 2022


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm